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A builders plea-Don't put off moisture related maintenance.

Doing home maintenance isn't always fun or practical as a home owner, without the expertise of a professional builder. Sometimes maintenance can slip into the ' worry about it tomorrow or when we get around to it' basket.

As a veteran in the Far North building industry, Inti Jubermann of Inti Construction can tell you for certain, you are not saving yourself any money or hassle by putting off your home maintenance for another day. Every year Inti Construction addresses a number of moisture related repairs that should have been rectified sooner.

Winter is just around the corner and although the dry and warm summer days are still upon us, it's only a mater of weeks before the rains of winter set in. So, remember those pesky leaks you noticed last winter.. We're here to tell you that, the time to get this sorted is now or perhaps it was yesterday.

Any leak or even dampness in your home is a sign of potentially very serious issues that need addressing. Dampness in a house is like cancer, it will spread and eventually when left too long will undermine the structural integrity of your home. Leaks and dampness ignored may lead to a much larger area in need of repair, costing far more than what it would have if addressed when first noticed.

Mould up the walls, mould and mildew on the floor or soft spongy floors are all warning signs of potentially serious hidden damage occurring, caused by water ingress that needs to be addressed.

If you're renting, Tenancy Services, is a great resource, with tips to prevent and address surface dampness. If you notice dampness and are renting be sure to notify your landlord right away. Tenancy Services states; "Landlords must provide and maintain rental properties in a reasonable state of repair. This means making sure they’re safe and healthy to live in." and "Rental homes need to be free from mould and dampness before being rented out. During a tenancy, tenants need to keep the house well-aired and remove any mould straight away."

The Healthy Homes Standards are changing and will have new requirements for moisture ingress and drainage, heating and ventilation that will take effect on 1 July 2021.

If your home or rental property needs to have a dampness problem addressed call Inti Construction today.

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