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Client Experience - Case Study

Case Study

Complete project management & new home construction
leading to "
A happy customer indeed!”

Finding a builder who you can trust is tricky, but finding one you can trust completely to build a home, when you will be offsite separated by distance and time constraints; communicating via phone and email for the entire build is even harder!


Inti construction is just that building company, providing excellent professional project management through quality communication and building to the highest standards leaving our clients feeling happy and satisfied with their building project!


Below is a case study of just that situation and how Inti Construction built a fun low maintenance far north getaway to high standards, designed to optimise location and materials, turning a bare section into an enjoyable economical and efficient holiday retreat for years to come.

IMG_1068 b.jpg

Wayne wanted to build a getaway to escape the Wellington winters, drawn to the subtropical Far North he had a great cul-de-sac section to develop and build his ideal holiday home.


The Next challenge was finding a builder who would take on a bespoke project to suit his needs. Adding another layer of trust required Wayne notes, “Not living in the area I needed a turnkey contractor who would manage the project.”


Inti Construction was the right size company providing the individualised care and attention, working with Wayne to design and build his holiday home.


Here is what Wayne had to say about the building process,

“All my dealings with Inti Construction up to the point of handover was by way of phone and email. However I never felt anxious or worried at any point with the company. I always felt confidence in the advice, photos and information flow - it was just right. Even the external problems, such as the FNDC sewer connection (or lack thereof!) was managed by the company. I was kept informed but I wasn’t burdened with resolving it. I also appreciated the forward thinking of the company in obtaining advance supply of materials during a time when the building supplies industry was in turmoil. “


Consistent high-quality communication allowed Wayne to feel comfortable with the building process while he was away from the building site.


With Inti construction managing the project, the building process was made efficient (and stress free for Wayne).


When asked, Would you recommend Inti Construction to others, and why? This is what Wayne has to say:

“Absolutely. I liked the open approach of Inti Construction from the outset, and trusted them every step of the way. I felt fairly treated at all times.”


Now with his newly completed holiday home Wayne can enjoy the Far North and all it has to offer. His property is usable and enjoyable with the new addition of a sub-tropical getaway that utilises high quality building practices and energy efficient building technologies.


This is what Wayne had to say about his new holiday home after we handed over the keys:

“I was hugely impressed by the quality and finish of my compact holiday home. It is solid with fine attention to detail, including the use of long-life materials in the construction hardware. I was kept informed of progress, and all my requests were met and reflected in the finished building. A happy customer indeed!”

We’d love to make you our next happy customer!


If you are looking for a builder who has a keen eye for detail and takes pride in quality workmanship and who you can trust to build & manage your project with efficiency and integrity, call Inti Construction today!

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