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With the fine weather coming, now is a great time for your home maintenance or renovations!

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

Here at Inti Construction we have worked on countless homes that unfortunately have had minimal or no maintenance done leading to the longevity of the building being seriously compromised.

Home (or building) maintenance should be done throughout the life of your home (or building). In our opinion building owners should budget on spending 3% of the value of the building on annual maintenance. Many building material manufacturers will actually void their warranty if the claimant is unable to prove that the recommended maintenance program was adhered to.

However, maintenance becomes even more important the older a home/building gets.

Coming into the tail end of winter and early spring is a good time to assess how your home survived the winter, and what if anything may need to be rectified before the next one. It is certainly cheaper to address the small problems before they grow into very costly essential repairs.

What do we mean by an ' essential repair' ?

An essential repair is a repair job that has become absolutely necessary to undertake, as the structural integrity or water tightness of the building is compromised. Therefore, if left untreated, the structure will deteriorate and the cost of repair will increase as the problem area grows to affect a larger area.

Even if your home or building is not showing obvious signs that maintenance is required spring and summer are still great times to do preventative maintenance like clearing your spouting or replacing damaged cladding, roofing and exterior painting.

With the prospect of sunny fine weather on the horizon the time is now to book in with your local builder to address your home repairs and maintenance!

The good weather that spring and summer provide are also fantastic times of year to finally get your home renovation or addition sorted! (not to mention any new home construction you've been planning!)

At Inti Construction we specialise in renovations of all description. Most commonly renovating and repairing residential homes.

We also have experience with new home construction as well as comercial & industrial buildings too.

What we can do for you:

  • Renovations- restoring your existing structure to an as new standard as per your ideas for the space whilst working within your budget.

  • Additions- Adding to your structure to add square meterage and functionality for your space

  • New home construction - from Mini movable homes to large homes, traditional building or alternative environmentally conscious materials and practices, we are your builders, ready to create your dream home!

  • All aspects of roofing including; Roofing repairs & Full Re-roofing

  • Cladding- repairing and replacing damaged and tired cladding to provide a water tight envelope to your structure

  • Painting (with all projects inside and out a quality paint ensures longevity. We prefer to see a job through from start to finish, supplying quality and dependability)

Call Inti Today, to book in your project before the summer rush! Get in touch here. Or like us on Facebook to stay up to date with all the Inti Construction news and tips!

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