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Top three bathroom renovation tips

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

When it comes to renovations, Inti Construction has the experience you need to ensure a quality home renovation. Bathroom upgrades are a great way to give your home that lift it needs to feel fresh and new for your own enjoyment or for your potential buyers. So, if you're looking to increase your property value check out our top three tips for bathroom renovations below.

Summer is here and the weather isn’t the only thing heating up! The Far North’s property market is too! Home Improvements like a well done bathroom renovation, updated kitchen or outdoor entertainment areas definitely increase your homes' value. Often it may take more than a coat of paint to achieve the value you are after… a renovation may be required. That’s where we come in, at Inti Construction we have extensive experience in home renovations and pride ourselves on providing high quality building and finishing services at affordable rates.

If you're thinking of selling or increasing your homes equity, a renovation could provide a great return for your investment.

Don’t just take our word for it, THE REAL ESTATE INSTITUTE OF NEW ZEALAND (REINZ) reports a record increase in house prices, up 21% in Northland as well as record price increases in the Far North. Now is the time to renovate to sell or improve your home.

Having had over 13 years of experience in renovating and refurbishing homes for our clients we've come up with these handy TOP 3 Tips if you're thinking of renovating a bathroom. Bathroom renovations are one of the most common renovations for people wanting to increase the value of their house. A well done bathroom renovation could easily double your return for the renovation investment, that is why it is important to ensure you have the right builder leading the job. Here are Inti Construction's Top 3 bathroom renovation tips:

Top Tip #3 – Fixtures matter

Quality fixtures not only make your bathroom look stunning they also go along way to ensuring you have no annoying water wastage or leaking behind the wall. Get advice from your builder or plumber, they have installed enough to be able to tell you what is a good brand and what isn’t.

Top Tip #2 – Don’t skimp on the shower, toilet or tub

Although it may be tempting to find ways to ‘trim the fat’ in your bathroom renovation, skimping on things like the shower stall, toilet or tub aren’t it. We have fixed numerous bathroom renovation disasters due to cheap and poor quality showers being installed.

Even when installed by a professional, if the shower stall has a design flaw in the way it discards the water you can have leaking behind it, rotting away the walls and floor underneath. The amount saved on a cheaper shower stall, toilet, or tub is NOT worth the cost of having to re-renovate your new bathroom a year or two later due to a badly designed cheap shower, toilet or tub.

Inti's #1 Bathroom Renovation Top Tip – Renovate right, with the right people

A bathroom renovation is complicated, it has a lot of elements happening simultaneously in one, sometimes very small space.A good design is imperative, one that ideally utilises the existing services to avoid having to re-plumb or re-wire the space unnecessarily. Having the right builder managing the right subcontractors is imperative. At Inti Construction we have years of experience and we know and trust the subcontractors we bring onto our jobs. We also are very active at managing all the subcontractors involved to optimise productivity, getting you into your new bathroom sooner! Ask around in your community for local recommendations for a trusted builder near you.

Good luck with all your renovation projects for more sound building advice and local insight see our other blog posts.

If you're in the Far North and need a builder for your bathroom or any other renovation needs, give us a call today 021 105 7411!

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