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4 reasons to build a bush batch instead of a beach batch!

Beach batches are fun but have you ever considered a bush retreat? The bush has its own unique intrigue and charm, that the beach will never have. The fresh vibrancy that comes with the bush, the native birds singing and misty morning air is all that’s needed to cement the peaceful serenity back into any city dweller.

Owning a batch is a way to escape the grind and go somewhere enchanted to rest and recuperate for a while. Not only do batch owners get to benefit from this themselves but lots of people are opening up their batch-homes to others for profit. This has been made easier and more accessible with websites like bookabatch and airbnb, your batch could practically fund its self whilst enjoying capital gains.

Here in the Far North of New Zealand we are known for our amazing beaches but we should also be known for our beautiful native bush, full of some of the best flora and fauna NZ has to offer.

Here are our 4 reasons to build in the bush rather than at the beach!

Reason #4 to build a bush batch instead of a beach batch: land is less expensive

Not everything is about money but our #4 reason for building a bush batch vs a beach batch is all about the $$’s. Where can you get the best bang for your buck country wide? Far North bush blocks and some obscure cold south island areas. That’s an easy one, Far North every time! Not only is land more affordable, zoning restrictions and consents are generally easier in the ‘back blocks’ rather than out at the coast.

Reason #3 to build a bush batch instead of a beach batch: space

We don't think anyone would tell you they moved to a particular spot because they 'love being so close to their neighbour'. Space is important. Having room to breathe is something you don't know you've been missing until the sounds that wake you up in the morning are beautiful bird calls and the light babbling river near by. Not only are the sounds different in the bush, the neighbours peeping in your window are possums and birds.

Reason #2 to build a bush batch instead of a beach batch: the temperature is more mild

The beach is great for swimming, where you can wash the sweat of the hot summer day away and wear minimal "beachy" clothing but... if your not swimming the hot heat of summer by the beach can be oppressive! Drive inland and the bush is a refreshing cool misty wonderland. Sure it is still warm but nothing like out at the coast! The winter is more mild also in the bush. There may be a bit more rain but when you have water tanks to fill no one is complaining too much about rain.

#1 Reason to build a bush batch instead of a beach batch: Be amongst nature in the beautiful native bush

Evenings in the bush are magical - There is nothing more enchanting than to relax and look up at the stars from a bush nook, while moreporks and kiwi call out in the night. Are you feeling the call of the natural world? Being in the bush allows you to be more part of nature.

Swimming in the river - It's fun to swim at the beach in the surf, but the river is dreamy. Salty sea, sand and surf are no match for a deep river swimming hole with its beautiful teal water and boulders underfoot. Living or batching in the bush you are bound to be near a river. Taking advantage of these natural swimming pools is a great way to explore your local area, take in the bush in a new and exciting place and cool off too.

Planning on having a dwelling in the Far North? Whether it's at the beach or in the bush, let Inti Construction build you your dream home or batch today!

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